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Rabbi Yaakov Lieder was born in Israel and received his education in Israel and the United States. For the past 45 years, Rabbi Lieder has held a variety of positions in education.

  1. 1974–75: Youth Director, Kfar Chabad, Israel

  2. 1976–81: Full-time teacher, Ohoeli Torah, New York

  3. 1982–95: Director of Jewish studies, Yeshiva College, Sydney

  4. 1995– : Founder and Managing Director, Jewish Children’s Support Centre

  5. 1996–2002: Director, Yeshiva Centre, Sydney (enrolments, special education and fundraising)

  6. 2003– : Founder and Managing Director, Jewish Family Centre, Sydney

  7. 2003–08: Founder and Managing Director, Chabad Sydney Seminary for Advanced Jewish Education for young women

  8. 2008–13: Writer of family issue articles for The Australian Jewish News and

  9. 2015–19: Educational Director, Cheder Levi Yitzchak, Melbourne

  10. 2019– : Creator and teacher of educational programmes on positive and effective parenting

Rabbi Lieder is an author

Rabbi Lieder has written 14 Kids, No Theories, a book of 139 articles dealing with practical advice on marriage and parenting.  

He has also published 2 CDs titled ‘Serious humour’. One deals with love and marriage and the other provides guidelines for effective communication. Yaakov Lieder’s writings have also been published in numerous international magazines as well as on various websites. His articles have been used as learning texts by the Jewish Learning Institute of America.

Yaakov Lieder is an international public speaker

Yaakov Lieder has gained a reputation as a motivational speaker on topics such as parenting, personal development, teaching and relationships, as well as on the relevance of ancient traditions for the modern world. Yaakov Lieder has a unique speaking style. He uses laughter as a way of engaging audiences so they can absorb his life messages. He uses the motto, ‘Take life seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously.’

He has had speaking engagements in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Israel, Argentina, South Africa and the United States.

Yaakov Lieder is a family man

Apart from his educational work, Yaakov Lieder is the definitive family man. He and his wife, Toby, have been blessed by G-d with fourteen children, ranging in age from 41 to 23, and many grandchildren.

The Australian Jewish News has quoted him as saying: ‘Before I got married, I had 14 theories on bringing up children. Now, I have 14 children and no theories.’ This, however, did not prevent him from establishing the Jewish Children’s Support Centre in 1995 and the Jewish Family Centre in 2003. The aim of both these institutions is to provide support to families struggling with relationships and child-rearing issues.

‘I do not claim to know it all,’ says Yaakov Lieder. ‘In fact, my wife and I are also dealing on a day-to-day basis with the challenges of raising our own family. There is a saying that if you want to double your success rate, double your failure rate! To my mind, however, no experience is a failure; each is a lesson from which we can learn.’

Rabbi Lieder can be reached via email 

or on 0411 759 721



Rabbi Menachem Dadon is the Rabbi of Beth Yoseph Synagogue in Sydney. Rabbi Dadon heads the Sydney branch of the Jewish Family Centre. He is involved in guiding families in times of crisis in Sydney. 

Rabbi Dadon can be reached via email 

or on 0404 893 770.


Toby Lieder is foremost a loving and dedicated mother of 14 children and over 30 grandchildren. She is an Educator who delivers Lectures around the world. Toby captivates and entertains her audiences with her humor, inspiration and deep insights gathered from her 42 years experience raising her family.

Toby is a qualified Parenting Coach. She also provides Dating | Shidduch Coaching by phone and Whatsapp video.  Her specialty is "Identify your 5 Non-Negotiables in Dating".


Toby is an accomplished Shadchan, Dating Coach. ​

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For more information please contact Toby by phone or Whatsapp on

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